Positive pressure venting for dust mitigation

I’m hoping to track down some positive pressure vents that are smaller than what I’ve seen other forum members use. Has anyone used something like this for dust mitigation?

These are what are used on our Patriot Camper and they work well so I’ve messaged them to see where they source them but I’m wondering if there is something similar available domestically.


I haven’t used them, but are these them? Looks like they could be a good alternative.

Molded Sea Dog Nylon Gas Tank Vents

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Looks spot on! Id be curious to see how well these work. Seems like stickyTaco has had some good luck with his camper trailer.

Those sure look like it. I went ahead and ordered 2. I’ll report back on how they work in a few weeks.


where do you plan to install them?

Plan is either the top corners of the front panel or the top corners at the front of the side panels. My preference would be the front panel but I need to check clearances once the parts arrive.


@stickyTaco - These are so rad!

Hate to sound needy here, but if this works well, do you mind sharing an install guide/how-to on the process? Would be curious to know your reasoning behind the vent placement once you nail that down too.


Will do @GFC-Thayne. I’m no engineer but whatever Patriot has done on their trailers seems to work really well so I’m just trying to copy that. There is a larger filtered inlet (I was told they use a Briggs & Stratton air inlet/filter) and these vents just let the air escape.

I have some more work ahead of me to figure this all out but I was thinking of installing them on front panel because if it doesn’t work I can always use the holes to route wiring. I’ll mount them as high as possible to get them up out of the dustier air.

That said, these vents are on the sides on the trailer a but I’m not sure of the reasoning. You can see one of the vents just above the propane tank in this pic if you zoom in.

I’ll update here as I get everything together.


I was able to spend some time looking at the positive pressure venting on the trailer today. These slots are forward facing and super exposed to dust from the tow vehicle and rain when driving.

They used a Briggs and Stratton air filter and have a mount/airbox that is riveted to the inside of the front panel

I’m thinking of mounting a similar airbox (to be sourced or fabricated) on the passenger side front panel.


Curious to see how these work out as well.

Watching the thread. I’m considering the Platform Topper for my F-350 and spend a fair amount of time on Nevada’s dirt roads. Thank you!

Just an idea but with the topper you could do one in the roof like how the RSI Smartcap does it. Their system is dialed in and works amazingly well.

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Ordered a Briggs and Stratton air filter and an aluminum box today. Hopefully I’ll have some more progress to share by the end of the month.

I decided not to use the fuel vents since there isn’t an easy way to mitigate water intrusion.

More to come.

Any word on how any of these vent worked