Possibly selling my V2 for a 5.5 foot bed, chevy colorado

Not really happy with the gfc. Had expectations that are not being met. Bought a HUB tent and am debating selling. Located in CO. Installed in August. Depending on interested parties ill add more info.

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How much are you thinking of asking? What expectations are not being met?

Its only 3 months old, so what i paid. 7800. Its a cool concept but it just work when theres more than 1 person in it. The modular floor goes out the window because the bedding is so hard i use an air mattress. Since i use a mattress my feet hit the wedge. No matter what, condensation is an issue. I got it for hunting but its just too small.

Ironically, hunting is the main thing I want it for. I have a shell with a Nomad tent that I use now, but it’s quite a bit of work to take it down to secure it when I’m away from the truck. I always travel solo so that is not an issue for me. If I may ask, how tall are you?

Im only 5’09" and with my mattress have to sleep at an angle.

Well heck, I’m 6’3". Maybe I better try one of these out before I get set on buying one.

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