Post hinge swap rust - V1

Got the new hinges done last summer, had one day of pissing rain in the middle of what was essentially a drought, top of ther bar of the frame that the rear panel weather stripping lies on started rusting within a month. I have a rust on parts of the frame, started after 8 months of ownership. Anyone sanding it down and using touch up paint to fix it each season?


After you created this thread on Saturday, I sent you a private message asking if you would please be so kind to submit a Service Request Form with pictures of your rust issues where we can see what is going on and get you taken care of. We do not have any emails from you noting rust issues, so we would like to document all the areas that you are having issues with and figure out a solution to get you taken care of. We are here to help, but when you do not reach out to us directly, there is not much that we can do!

We look forward to hearing from you.



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Hello Calder,

I have spoken to people via text at GFC, being told it was being looked into, investigated, etc. Never went anywhere regardless of how many times I followed up. That said, I will look at your DM and see if we can figure it out now.


My V1 has the same issues, granted I have had my camper for 2 1/2 yrs still disappointed that it’s happening!

#538 here with the same issue. Will post pics later.

As I noted above, if you have an issue, then please reach out to us and submit a Service Request Form.