Post Your Pudding Here (2024)

Julian idk if hipcamp has this feature but it’d be awesome if there were something like user-curated lists so I could follow yours or my friend Rob’s. That kind of thing can add an extra layer of trust / validation to choose one of those sites vs. another place.

Here’s are some photos of camp sites from a recent trip, in no particular order

Beach on oregon coast. Night 14?

Outside Joshua Tree. Night 11?

Canyon rim in southern Utah, night 8?

Overlooking capitol reef in central Utah, night 6ish?

Mesa above Zion, night 10?


Gotta love Montana!


My first post. At the bottom of Crutcher Crossing on the East Fork of the Owyhee. This is the takeout after a 5 day packrafting trip.


Night 10 - Follow-up trip to Cherokee National Forest. A week of rain storms had the rivers and creeks flowing high, so no fishing.


If I knew how to find food out here, I don’t know if I’d bother returning to civilization!


Pyramid Lake, CA

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Second trip! Green River, UT


Took the GFC Saturday night outside of

Death Valley (Ash meadows NWR) to catch the aurora lights. Unfortunately they were hardly visible to the naked eye but the camera was able to pick them up.


Night #4 - Gifford Pinchot NF

Girlfriend, her roommate and I went camping in our local national forest. First really nice weekend, got a great spot right next to Wind River on a dead end. Tested my new LavaBox, which was awesome until it sucked down my entire propane tank in a night. Will need to keep that in mind.

Night #5 - Gifford Pinchot NF

Girlfriend and I stayed out another night. Hit some snow at higher elevations, kept us from a few spots we wanted to check out. But, on accident we ended up camping about 100yds from the first place we ever camped together. We had driven down this road on our first trip and it was taken, got lucky this time. Right on a nice shelf above a creek


NIGHT 035 / One last night outside Asheville before making our towards Nashville to spend the weekend in the city.

NIGHT 036 / Smokemount Campground, Great Smoky Mountains NP, NC

NIGHT 037 / Mammoth Cave Campground, Mammoth Cave NP, KY

NIGHT 038 / Spot outside Frankfort, KY featuring @DirtTrailsWanted! Adding to our long list of spots camped together across the continent from the top of Alaska to the bottom of Baja.

@KOM-Chaser Really great idea! We’re actually working on something right now where we can curate the list and plot it on a route. I’ll share here when available :handshake:


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Gifford Pinchot is my favorite. Nice awning.

Sounds very cool!

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Dispersed camping near Mt Trumbull, AZ


Night 8: 9 Mile Bridge - Manistee NF


Night 11
Quick trip to Anza Borrego Desert State Park, Sandstone Canyon. Slept great.


Jealous, and I think that’s the best matched stone grey tent I’ve ever seen. bravo

Oh yeah, Green River! Were you near Moab, or farther north? We go every year but missed it this year… and really missed it!

Night #14
Thunder rock campground @ ocoee #3

Really nice waterfront campground. Road noise until dusk then it picks up again in the morning. Would return.

Night #15 on the Old NC 105 dispersed.