Potential GFC customer - anyone in LA available to show me a V2?

I’m looking to order a GFC platform camper, but I’d like to see one in person before I pull the trigger, mostly to see how comfortable I’d be in it considering I’m on the bigger side (6’4").

I called GFC HQ today and they said the one that’s usually at the Orange location is at king of the hammers for a bit, and unfortunately I need to order before the demo one comes back in order to have the camper installed before a trip I have planned later this spring.

Any one in the LA area available to let me see their V2? I’m in the south bay area but I’m pretty willing to drive to check one out.

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DM’d You.

If you don’t see one close to you hit me up, I’m in Woodland Hills area.

I’m in South Bay as well in case you want to see one on a short bed Tacoma

Thanks everyone - appreciate the quick responses! I’ll reply to DMs.

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:call_me_hand:t3: :call_me_hand:t3:

Santa Monica here

Carson here.

Pasadena area here

San Diego if needed

I have one in the South Bay on a long bed tacoma, without front and back windows.

If anyone in LA has one with windows, I’d love to see it and figure out what kind of visibility I’d have - debating a retrofit of them

I am glad I got windows. I added a curtain to my back window and went for a drive, horrible. I am not a fan of just having the side mirrors for visibility.

My experience exactly.

Thanks for the replies everybody! I was able to check out @LCast setup yesterday and feel like the platform will work well for me.

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