Power Center in Bed Cubby

Anyone have any videos on how they installed a “power center” type thing in their bed cubby?

I’ve mounted one of these to the side of the extrusion using double-sided tape. It’s the power distribution hub for all devices I use in the tent (USB, lights, electric blanket): https://www.amazon.com/Position-Distribution-Powerpole-Connectors-PD-4/dp/B071LHY6MV/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=powerwerx+pd-4&qid=1574892785&sr=8-3

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Any chance you could post some pics? :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a Blue Seas fuse block in the passenger side cubby.

In the door to the cubby I have a cut out for a panel that includes a 12V outlet and dual usb along with a breaker. I also have an additional always hot 12v outlet. The fuse block is also used to run the cheap led light strips under my bed rails.

I have an Off Grid Engineering setup with auxiliary battery. It is expensive, but works great.

I’ve re-terminated every accessory I use in the tent with Anderson connectors. Makes it really easy to plug in as needed.