Preview or "test drive" in the Midwest?

Hey, folks,

I’ve got a second-gen crew cab, short bed Nissan Frontier. Right now using a travel trailer for camping but ran across the GFC-style of campers and it’s intriguing, as it would be far easier to get into campsites with one than even our small trailer. I’m based out of Indianapolis. Anyone near-ish by open to letting me poke and climb around in theirs and pepper them with questions? Ideally someone else with a 5’ bed on a midsize pickup for similarity.

Thanks in advance.

I’m near Purdue and can show you my GFC if you’d like. It’s a long bed 3rd gen Tacoma, so quite similar except a foot longer on the topper part.

In the meantime, I’d check out Kadenventures on YouTube. I’ve been watching his channel and he also has a 2nd gen quad cab Frontier with a GFC. Lots of good videos featuring the camper.


Appreciate it! Spent a while reading up and watching Kadenventures; good tip. How feasible is camping with two people up there? I’m 6’2" and need room for me and my wife.

I think it’s great for two people. It’s usually me, my wife and our dog up there and we fit fine. It’s only 50 inches wide but that full width is useable. The total length inside is 90 inches, but with the wedge you have at least 1 foot height to the roof for about 79 inches.

If you want to check mine out you’re welcome to lay in it and see if it will work for you.

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I’m in Evansville and your welcome to check it out if your in the area.
version 1 GFC

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