Pricing question

Can any of you help me with this question. I put a $575.00 deposit down in December 2020 for an XL and received a build date of September 2021. Then I saw a March 2021 build date on the forum and bought that build date for $500 and had it officially transferred. When I went to pay the complete amount so they could order my materials, I was invoiced the price of $6375.00 for the base without any of my options. I am wondering if I am paying the new price or the old price based on the March build slot I purchased. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience here? I ask GFC and couldn’t get an answer that I understood.

seems to the consensus

Its seem right…if you got an XL with no “Mods”, you are grandfather in at the price of $6,950 (minus your deposit of $575) = $6,375 invoice…

Hope that made sense to you

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Ok thanks, I wasn’t sure what the old and new prices were.