Prinsu Habitat

Does anyone know if the Prinsu Habitst works with the camper? I’ve read conflicting things. I know Sherpa and Martin do. Just curious.

Thanks for any help!

Short bed tacoma here - sorta. Rolled up to installation - they said they would have to remove it. I asked them not to and they made me sign a waiver, which I was completely fine with.

It “clears” the gfc by about 2-3mm. I think nowadays, if you had it they would prob not perform the installation as they have a recommended rack section on their website now.

I plan to cut mine soon.


Thank you for this. It appears I better pick a different rack.

If it makes you feel any better, I love my Sherpa! :crazy_face:

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That does look really nice! Easy install?

Suuuuuper easy! I had their full length before and it’s a breeze! Great quality and CS, no drilling or cutting required.

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Thanks, dude! Appreciate the feedback!

we have Martin camper racks on both our trucks

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I cant find the recomended racks on their website. Could you post a link?

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The habitat will have to get trimmed for more clearance if you have a short bed taco.

Long bed here, perfect fit… I have around 6 inches of clearance

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I have a specific question. Is your Tacoma stock as far as suspension goes. If so, what is the measurement from the ground, to the top of the GFC? Thanks.

No, im running king 2.5s with resis and adjusters, camburg uniball UCAS, icon RXT leaf pack option 3, and wheelers bump stops all around, to the top of my camper it measures 6’11” and to the top of the bars maybe another 2 or 3 inches. Also on 265/75r16 wildpeak tires. I still need to fit in some garages so i have tried to keep tires within this size. I have the cmc done, and can run 285s, but dont want the loss in mpgs