Prinsu Roof Rack - Install Appointment


I’ve looked at all the posts and the consensus that a full length Prinsu Roof Rack on the 3G Short Bed Tacoma will fit the GFC v2 fine…however with very little room for movement/error (which I am fine with for now, until I actually wheel hard).

My question is about the actual install appointment. I called GFC and they said no, you must remove it, even if the customer accepts all liability. With that said, how likely will they turn a customer with these use-cases below?

1. Go into appointment with full unmodified Prinsu Rack already installed
2. Go into appointment with cut Prinsu Rack…height wise, identical to this (

My preferred option is leaving the Prinsu rack during install, as I don’t want to undo all the seals that I already put in and I like the look of the full length Prinsu, even cut. What are the chances that I go into the appointment and they just straight up turn me away? I don’t want to by another half Prinsu and deal with reselling the full length one. Thanks!

If they specifically said no than pulling the ol’ easier to apologize than ask routine is not the coolest thing to do to them.

They are really accommodating and helpful people in general so if they said no I’d think it was probably for a reason.

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I’m with @jedgar here. After just being there and having my GFC installed this past Saturday 2/5 I would do my best to show up with my truck ready to go per the instructions GFC gives us. They are good folks and run a tight ship with installs on a schedule. I think the guy I talked to there said some days they are doing 10+ installs.

Loud and clear, I guess I will have to remove the full rack and buy the Habitat style Prinsu for install after.

I don’t even know how you would even possible reinstall even a cut prinsu with the GFC on.

How long does it take you to pull it off? I would personally just bring the tools and ask the actual installers at install - assuming you can bust it off in ~5 minutes if needed. Make sure you are at least 5 minutes early :wink: