Pro4x Frontier Roof Rail Removal

Hey y’all! Wondering if there’s anyone out there who has a GFC on a Pro4x Frontier that had the factory roof rails? GFC said I’ll need to remove them for the camper to be compatible. I’m nervous about breaking that factory seal and ending up with water damage to the untreated metal beneath and/or leaking. Has anyone done this with success?

My GFC is on a Tacoma so I’m not much help personally, but maybe check out this YouTube video by Kadenventures. Not sure if has a Pro4X model of Frontier but he mentions having to take the roof rack off right around 3:30 in the video.

Also found this forum thread about removing the rack:

Good luck!

I have a 2013 P4x and had to remove the roof rack. Its been over a year and Ive had no issues so far. I found some shorter stainless fasteners (16 1" 6mm 1.0 bolts… I think). Some washers and RTV to seal underneath. The fasteners attach the roof rack are too long and will stick out. If you can find a low profile fastener like a pan head that would probably work best.

Here’s a pic showing what I mean, you may need to zoom. But they don’t stick out too much esp. since mine is silver. If you have a dark truck I’m sure you could find black fasteners online.

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