Production Time

So I have paid in full and my order # has been sitting as “Ready for production” for close 3-4 weeks now. How long does it typically take to get the ball rolling? Has GFC communicated this anywhere that I’ve missed?

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Did you receive this type of email after paying?

Yes, I should have read that more thoroughly before posting this.

However, I am still confused in that they say the entire process is about 12 weeks start to finish, but also state that cutting and welding doesn’t begin until (potentially) week 12…

Should I just (relax and) assume that it will be done roughly 12 weeks from that email? What are others experiences, who have already gotten their camper?

I have read, reread and thought about the timeframe a lot. For some reason they just didn’t make sense to me. I think it’s strange to state when we originally paid a deposit that the camper will “start” an X but then you have to read elsewhere to find out it then takes another X amount of weeks.

I am under the impression that after I paid I could have up to 6 months of a wait given the two 12 week timeframes. I’m crossing my fingers that’s is more like 4 months though.

I’m confused by this too. My build start date is May 2020. So what if I wait to pay until April. Does this mean I will have to wait 16 to 24 weeks from April vs. the quoted 8-12 weeks from May. I’ll still wait. It just will be a sad day.

@GFC @GFC_Taylor Do you have any clarification on this matter? Seems a few of us are not quite understanding the information relayed to us

been where you are. not to be a snark–I am an anal retentive, list making, planner–but it doesn’t really matter what GFC says…unless they say “ready for pickup”…

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Some (at least myself) would like an estimate and respect GFC’s rough timeline. Just looking for others experience with this so I can start (loosely) planning. Since you have “been where we are at” would you care to share how long it took to go from “ready for production” to “ready for pick up”…

Hey y’all,

Taylor from Go Fast here. I’m happy to clarify this timeline stuff for you. @Czukie, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I really appreciate the opportunity to communicate thisveffectively.

Typically it takes about 8-12 weeks from the time of invoicing to start an order. We send invoices in advance of your build starting, in order to secure materials and pay the guys and gals that are building your camper. Once your build starts production we estimate that it takes 12 weeks from start to finish. That is just an estimate and there a handful of factors that can affect a camper’s time in production, which is why we are weary of estimating completion dates.

I realize it’s difficult (damn near impossible) to make plans around a nebulous completion date, so we’re happy to hang on to your camper for up to two months while you make travel arrangements, if you plan to pick it up from the shop.

In summary: we invoice about 12 weeks before your start date, and then once your camper has started we estimate it takes 12 weeks from start to finish.

If y’all have anymore questions I’m happy to help. The best place to reach me is the email. I’ll do my best to monitor this thread and answer questions on the forum going forward.

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Order confirmed: 4/25
In production: 7/2
Complete: 10/22

I did not record when it was “ready for production.” If I were to do it again, I’d just plan something 4 months out when I get the “In production” email. As Taylor says, they can hold it for you, and it will take away any worry of scheduling the install.


Order placed: 11/22/19
Paid in full/ready for production: 6/13/20
In production: 10/6/20
Complete: 10/26/20