PSA Insure your camper!

Howdy, I’m in the process of adding my camper and they quoted me $17 per month that’s $200 per year which seems outrageous compared to everyone else’s quotes! When you added your camper, if you don’t mind, what are the details for coverage?

I believe mine was $120ish/year bundled with all my other insurances (house/cars).

I used to be a State Farm member. Never had any complaints when I was with them. I switched to USAA and haven’t gone back because their service is excellent and rates were cheaper than anyone else I could find. If you like your local State Farm rep and they treat you well, I would go with them.

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Up in Canada, mine is $175 a year for a $12000 permanent attachment. Totally worth it

I got a separate policy for mine. It’s cool, because I even get an insurance card for it. Has my unit number on it, value, and a link to GFC website for price references. Also, it covers all belongings inside my camper.

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What Co. Did you get that with? And what is the cost?
If you dont mind…

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@kaylawiz I think my agent added it as an upgrade to the vehicle, not as an individual line item, and the cost was around $3.50 a month. I do recall it took her a bit to research it and find the best way to add it in their system. I honestly think it depends on your agent and how much effort they choose to put into it. Let’s face it, insurance companies don’t have our best interests in mind and have dozens of avenues to assess our stuff. We’ve been with the same agent for 20ish years now, so maybe that’s a factor? Hope that helps! (Probably didn’t….)

I had actually made this call right after I got my GFC. They said it was covered as a camper shell and that I should just keep my receipts. They said the same for my bumper, suspension, etc. (with depreciation) of course.

GEICO Experience:
On the first call I got transferred to the RV department likely because I mentioned truck camper. They looked up the GFC website after I gave them the make/model and asked if it had “living quarters” (kitchen and sleeping area). They eventually said that they don’t insure this type of camper shell. They’re saying they can’t insure this type of shell since it has a sleeping area and it’s not just a camper shell. I mentioned other people insured their GFC through GEICO but they didn’t budge.

Sooo I called a second time and told them I recent added a truck camper shell and the GEICO rep immediately said they could list it under a truck customizations ($8k value). She then asked the value and what “part” category it would fall under (“truck shell” was the closest). Added a cost of $46 to my 6-month plan. She said wait 24 hours and it will be fully covered. The call took all of 5 minutes. So if a company denies you at first, I’d recommend calling again and speaking with someone else.


I’d add to this that you should insure all of your stuff. My adventure rig is a heavily modified 1st Gen Tundra. If it were to get totaled, I’d be screwed based on the book value. But StateFarm has a list of everything I’ve done to it and it’s all insured.


I would like to share my experience here for others. I called my statefarm agent today and told them that I had a camper installed on my car and was wondering if it was covered or how much extra it would cost to cover it. After a few minutes, they came back and said it was fully covered under my current plan. So it’s covered at no extra cost. Glad I called cause now I have some peace of mind.

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Same ins company I have and they said the same thing - just keep current updated pictures of the truck and invoices/receipts which is easy enough with the GFC.

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Geico here. I think I was paying ~450 every six months for my old pickup. After some life changes and updating for the GFC it’s now about ~650/6 mo in SoCal. They asked if the camper had water or a toilet inside, which it doesn’t.

I might quote with some other companies at some point.

I have farmers and have a seperate policy for my camper, it is actual replacemant cost if anything happens to it and a 500$ deductible. It runs me 12 bucks a month.

Just added insurance with Geico for $14/month.

Same here (with USAA, damage is covered whether it’s attached or not, liability only if it’s attached). Also 10% of the value of my personal property from my homeowners policy is covered inside the camper, so that’s neat.

If you’re elegible to have USAA, it’s so worth it! Been with them for 14 years and have no reasons to even think about switching.

I was with them for years. but their prices have not been competitive for a long time on either auto or home.

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Yeah, I got a quote from USAA a few years back for autos/homes/umbrella and it was absurd…50% more than I was paying with State Farm at the time.