PSA Insure your camper!

Install 2 weeks ago and rear ended today. GFC seems solid, soooo lucky. My bumper, tow hitch, and tailgate no so much. I haven’t added to insurance yet but sure as hell will now. Everyone okay but impact was enough to damage both kids car seats, pretty shaken.


OMG, glad you all are ok!

Thank you. Huge pain in the ass…I have to take camper off for repairs and likely redo all the waterproofing and mods I’d made to bed before reinstalling. Good news is I’m cleared to keep driving and shop is super backed up, so I have another month of summer camping to enjoy. With insurance, lol.


How much did it increase your insurance premium when you added the GFC?

thanks for PSA. sorry about the truck.

side note: I just called my agent/bud with state farm in Ohio. my camper is not covered under car insurance but under home owner’s policy as personal property with a separate $$$ deductible and claim if ever it were to be damaged in fire, accident or theft. but it is covered… and you were lucky. this was my favorite car I ever owned next to the hearse :sob:

$38/yr with allstate ($8k coverage)


Ugh, car accidents are the worst. Hope everyone was ok

Did you have to insure it as an RV or just add the specific value of the GFC to the comprehensive plan?

My understanding is that most comprehensive policies will cover a canopy but only for liability. Not sure I want to claim the truck as an RV… guess it depends if that changes the policy drastically.

I told them I had a camper on the truck, worth 8k, and they just confirmed it was in-bed (not towed) and that was it. I probably should call back and ask more specifics around type of coverage.

with geico a camper added @ $30 a year, and i also have ‘mods’ insured: bumpers - suspension etc - was an extra @ $25 i think. seems worthwhile to me


Same, I added it immediately (State Farm) it’s around 30 something bucks a year. Glad the accident wasn’t worse and that your family’s ok @TearingOut55

I’ve been waiting to get my truck back from the body shop since April. We had a crazy destructive hailstorm here - 70mph winds and baseball sized hail and parts are near impossible to get - new or used…My Wife’s Subaru went in April as well, but she finally got hers back about 3 weeks ago. Hope that your truck’s shop time is significantly less man. In fairness - my truck did look like an industrial sized golf ball…Gundam golf :man_shrugging:t3:

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Makes me queezy thinking about not having my truck for that long :frowning: that’s such a bummer. We’ve only had our gfc 2 weeks so I’m definitely not in a rush to get it to the shop. Having a smashed rear is a bummer but not as much as losing the rest of the summer camping season

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More info, FYI, Allstate Colorado clarified camper insurance is comprehensive and collision for $38/yr. I also added “aftermarket equipment”$5k coverage, for suspension and whatnot, which was significantly more than camper coverage ($200/yr) but worth it to me after the scare we had.

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Our Allstate was $36 a year for $7K In aftermarket add ons. They said it’s basically a topper worth x amount so should be fully covered minus deductible. In Utah with a few more things bundled

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Oh damn! Glad you all are okay. I’m calling my insurance company now.

I also have State Farm and my agent told me that any permanent add-on to my vehicle is fully covered. What exactly are you adding to your annual premium? Perhaps this varies by state?

This post caused me to call my agent and get it in writing that my camper is covered in the event of a wreck, or theft, or what have you. Thank you for the PSA and good luck with everything.

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I live in California and have USAA. Insurance Agent said that my auto policy covers the GFC as well since it is attached. I should also note that I have full comprehensive/liability coverage selected.

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@docdave15 Not sure if it does by state, or just in the way the agent tries to add it? I know you don’t have to add suspension upgrades or other things like that, but the camper seemed to fall into a different category. Maybe I should ask more questions lol. It’s an additional 36 bucks a year, which is also why I didn’t question her. I probably should ask…

This is correct, State Farm doesn’t play the add-an-accessory, add-a-premium game, which is one doff the reasons they are great. If its on your vehicle and you can show a receipt, it’s covered.


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