Pully System for Camper removal/install?

Hey friends. Had to take off my camper for truck body repair (sad day!) Rigged up a pulley system but was not as smooth as planned…thankfully we managed but hoping someone can share what they’ve done that worked well with pics? We have extremely tight working area in garage which was part of the problem. Cheers


i was thinking chain hoist tied to the big branch on the oak tree in the yard. I don’t plan on removing the camper until spring for mulch and fill dirt so I have time to plan. Saw horse idea sounds simple but then I would have more things in the yard being stored. :-1: Everybody knows I have a keg with homebrews so I can’t persuade 3 people to work for beer- they get it anyways

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Yeah it was trickier than expected. We rigged up two doubles as shown, in theory should have made the weight feel like 75lbs but reality was not the case. The rope we used stretched much more than expected meaning we couldn’t just lift off due to limited ceiling height so had to slowly creep the truck out from under the camper and then get supports under it. Also had trouble with the weight of camper not centered (user error).

Basically reduced the effort but also could have gone very wrong and definitely won’t work to get it back on. We do have friends but like to be self sufficient!

I’ve also considered attaching my winch up in the attic and running the cable down through the ceiling… this may be our best bet.

Just find a buddy that’s a linemen and use the digger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Totally not helpful :joy:


If you come find me, I have access to a digger. Between dignon and I, we have each coast covered


Well yes, a digger would make it easy but all my linemen friends are in California and you guys are too far away. Plus it’s in my garage now. :laughing:

All this due to being hit in August- teenage girl totaled her mom’s bmv into the back of my rig (so cliché…) no one was seriously hurt thankfully…including the GFC though I do need to adjust a corner (fiberglass would have been fkd)


To close the loop for anyone who finds this searching later, ended up buying an electric hoist for a buck fifty and made the job so incredibly easy. The pully system probably could have worked with more tinkering and a better rope but the uninstall was so rough with that method we decided it wasnt worth the risk again.

Note VERY cramped garage which made most other methods challenging as well

Stoked to have my GFC back on!!