Purchasing Used - seeking advice

Hello all -

I recently found out that a friend of a friend of mine is selling his Platform RTT and I’m interested in purchasing it.

  • What are some of the things that I need to be on the lookout for to verify its originality?
  • Is the warranty/customer support still active for a non-original owner?
  • The RTT is listed as a V1.5, latches seem to look like the original V1.

If I need to know anything else, please comment. I’m open and appreciative of any thoughts.


I’d get a copy of the receipt and any support tickets to verify originality, but based on the photos, it’s a V1.

The platform RTT V1 underwent many upgrades along the way before V2 was rolled out, so it’s hard to tell what you have. I’d recommend contacting GFC and they can tell you what upgrades were provided based on order date and tent number.

Here are a few things they upgraded along the way:

  • Tent material (part 1): The original V1 fabric was heavy. They upgraded to a lighter material that was breathable and resulted in less condensation. The actual design looks identical, so it’s hard to compare visually.

  • Tent material (part 2): Before releasing the V2, they briefly upgraded the tent material again. It looks identical to the current V2s (looks and double windoor) the primary difference is the use of V1 button snap attachments)

  • Updated grab handle and front hinge. Based on your photo, you do not have this upgraded design. The upgraded handle and front hinge were redesigned to avoid water accumulation (rusty) and were more resistant to bending. The upgrade is also anodized aluminum compared to the older design.

Source - I’ve had the OG V1 with heavy fabric, and experienced all of the explained upgrades over a few years. I have a v2 now, so my comparison should be fairly accurate.


@joserheo - thanks for the response and detailed breakdown.

Due to it not having the secondary larger window/door, I’m also almost 100% certain this is a V1. I will be seeing it in person in a few days and will verify this. The seller has been a pleasure to work with so far and the additional photos and videos they sent me seem to depict the tent being in great shape.

In regards to upgrading the V1 with V2 items, are most of the items on the V1 upgradable? I know the fabric is, but in terms of water accumulation and rust prevention, would I be able to replace some hardware with V2 items?

Lastly - the reason I’m gravitated towards this specific tent is the price. I would love to have a newer V2, but I just can’t swallow the price currently. This tent will be put through its paces, used and abused (and loved - hopefully). Plus, I still have to purchase the 4Runner mounting kit. Context - price is sub $3k, but north of $2.5k - tent only.

Is this rational thinking??

The secondary larger windoor was only released with the true V2 fabric. Yours may be version 1.5 which is the same design as V1, just with a newer and improved fabric.

FYI, I don’t believe the fabric is upgradeable anymore. GFC provided owners with an option to upgrade to the V2 fabric, but was only available during a small window before the actual V2 was released. As far as the other items (grab handle and front hinge), just contact GFC to get an actual answer. I’m sure the part availability is diminishing as they’ve been on V2 for a year now.

Yup, I’d still recommend the V1 as long as the price is fair. I upgraded to the V2 because a friend wanted a GFC RTT, and did not want to wait at that time (lead times were 6+ months for the V2). If it weren’t for him, I’d still be on the V1 and I don’t think the upgrades are worth the price difference.

FYI - I’m located in LA/OC too (saw the GFC on FB Marketplace), so if you want further advice or in person help when you take a look at the tent, just give me a holler via PM

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Thanks for the advice, appreciate it. I’ll shoot you a PM.