Put the BeefRack Crossbar in lower track?

Just got my GFC and had to load up the truck bed with about 400 pounds in sandbags to barely squeeze it into the garage due to the BeefRack Crossbar. The rear crossbar is the worst offender.

Can you install the crossbar on the lower channel of the side of the tent? The channel that is highlighted in yellow? This would probably give me the clearance I need to fit into the garage.

If you have the clearance for it to mount in that track I don’t see why not. I think the crossbar will hit the top but I havent tried.

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We are thinking the same thing, I was hoping somebody on here has already tried it out.

I emailed GFC support. They confirmed you can not mount the Beef Rack Cross Bar on the lower track because of clearance between the cross bar and roof. Damage could occur to the roof.

Wanted to share this info for anybody else who was wondering.


just curious, what was the additional overall height with the beef bars installed? I have been performing some garage door measurements and not sure if beef bars will work for me. thanks

The beef bars would add an additional 2.75 inches to the overall height. Here is the video of me trying to fit it into the garage after I got the GFC home. It fits fine now with all my gear loaded into the bed of the truck, it is still a tight fit.