Questions on external customization

Hopefully this is the right spot to ask questions and not just post solutions…
New GFC user here on a 2008 Tundra:

I don’t have the hand strength to grab the tent and pull it down, so I put a rope between the 2 alum latches that are on the top/end/edges of the roof top. They don’t look ideal for this, but it did work. Do you think I will bend anything or should I look for a handle and use TNuts?

Also, I might want to have the tailgate lid strapped down if I am hauling something big out the back of the truck. Was thinking of some eye bolts? Anyone done this and have the specifics on what they liked?

And finally, anyone hookup blinkers in addition to the brake light? I often have a moto on back and would be a nice addition. Any suggestion on what to buy and how to hookup would be great. I still haven’t hooked up the brake lite yet as I haven’t done any camping…


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Here’s what I did to close the tent.

Works great. I can reach it from the tailgate.