Quick Release Awning Mounts

Has anyone seen quick release awnings mounts that mount vertically? Or anyone have any idea how to modify a set of Front Runners quick release awning mounts to work with the GFC? I don’t like having my awning permanently mounted and would love the option of throwing it up when needed.

Ironman 4x4 has some, but they won’t work with 270 awnings

I’ve seen the Ironman 4x4 mount, they seem pretty slick - do you know if the mounting holes on them match up to the t-track on the camper?

Thanks, that looks like it will do the trick.

I got a little cheap. McMaster sells a u channel, McMaster-Carr, that fits perfectly inside the front runner quick release mounts. I got a 1/2 bar and cut off 2 2" sections with a band saw then drill 3 holes in the back to mount to the gfc t slots and the drill the top and bottom to match the front runner mount. Seems to be pretty sturdy and only costs like $20-25 if you have the mounts already.

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I have the Ironman 4x4 ones in conjunction with the GFC mounts for my rear awning. The setup works well, its just a bit bulky.

The Front Runner ones with the channel mount look nice. I may give those a try for a shower/changing room.

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You using this with a 270 awning or regular?

I have the Ironman as well, but don’t use them as I mounted my awning flush to the GFC. I did see these in a video yesterday and, although pricey, look way more refined.

Saw these ones too. Spendy, but I like the slim profile when the awning isn’t mounted. Would love to see a review/pictures of them in action on a GFC.

That is why I never really used the Ironman version, it just added more to the awning sticking out and I never really took it off, it also rattled due to the way you lock it in. I really prefer having the awning mounted right to the extrusion on the gofast no extra stuff to buy, it makes sense since I don’t ever take it off.

Racksbrax are awesome, I’ve had the same unit for a few years now (mounted to GFC universal brackets) and I highly recommend them.

Here’s a photo of the awning not mounted

Could you mount them directly to the GFC? Or do you need to use the GFC brackets?

I attempted to use them alone, but ended up using GFC brackets for multiple reasons

  • GFC Universal brackets allow some vertical flex, which is helpful in windy situations. The Racksbrax are plastic and would stress crack at the mounting points.
  • Racksbrax holes did not match up with the GFC track spacing - could be solved by drilling your own
  • 1/4-20 T-Nuts protrude past the GFC track - could be solved with custom spacers
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I have mine mounted directly to the GFC, I took the extrusion off, used Yakima slide nuts, mounted the awning, and then put the extrusion back on.

I’m using 3 Ironman mounts on the GFC universal mounting brackets for my Roofnest 270 and it’s been holding up well. The gap created with the Ironman mounts isn’t really an issue for me. Most of the time I’m in cabana mode when the awning is out and that closes the gap. The awning also isn’t light so I take it on and off for camping trips and it makes it super easy.

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Do you notice any noise while driving with those mounts? I’m curious if the design of those cause rattling?

I don’t notice much at all. I used the awning last weekend and was looking at it through the side mirror and it was locked in solid. The only noise while on trail is the bouncing around wire lock pin but it’s barely noticable.

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I know it’s not as convenient but you can use bolts as well, instead of the pins. That really holds it in place.


I recently received the billet awning mounts and just realized that I probably can’t use quick release mounts on them. I didn’t even think about that when I ordered them. I’ll have to ask if they will swap them out for me.

It might fit if you attach it to one of the sides but it could be tight. Here’s a close up with the Universal Mounting Bracket with the Ironman ones.