Quick trip to do some fly fishiing

Had a last minute opportunity to go fly fishing for steelhead on the Feather River with a 5:30am start. So I tossed some gear in the GFC and headed up towards the Sierra foothills. Found a spot right next to the river to set up and get some sleep. Love the fast setup of the GFC, made something to eat and call it a night.

Up at 4:30, 5 minutes to break down camp and head over to the launch point for the drift boat. Results: 15 steelhead caught and released out of 28 hooked.


That is an incredible number of steelhead caught! Impressive work!

Thanks. We were the only boat on the river. Not even one bankie over the 7 mile drift.

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Color me jealous!


Well… who has it better than you, Drew!

That sounds like a blast! Who knew a GFC could help a person catch so many fish?

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What a productive day on the river, I can’t wait to pick ours up next week. I’m curious on where you bought your step stool from, I like the length of it.

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I picked it up at Home Depot, You should find it back where the ladders are. It is the Gorilla Ladder



Those work platforms are great. They make an excellent beer holder when sitting out by the fire and a pretty decent foot stool. Oh and they work nice as a step as well.


I’ve been combing all options lately. Love my GFC but thats the toughest part, high tale gate.

Thanks for the link @dakine , appreciated

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