Quick weekend in Baja

Took the family and some friends down to Baja for a long weekend at Playa Saldamando.

Inexpensive, secluded beach camping and safe for families (they close the gate at night). I think it was like $18/night and you have to call to make a reservation.

Site #1 is right on the beach!


Nice! I’ve stayed at Saldamando a couple of times and always had a great time.


Cool! Do you happen to know of any other good spots that you can book in advance? Seems like most of the spots are first-come first served. Thanks!

Yeah, I’ve stayed at a couple other places further south that you can contact ahead of time. Check out cuatro casas and Coyote Cals on the Pacific side.

On the sea of Cortez side you can check out Kikis, I think we booked with them ahead of time.


I will concur on both Cuatro casas and Coyote Cals. Both have their similarities and differences. Although I did not stay at Cal’s, it had some nicer commodities.

Really appreciate the recommendations! Camping in Baja as a single guy with a dog used to be so easy…I miss those days :slight_smile:

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