Radio reception

I’m curious how you guys are dealing with your gps and Sirius antenna? I am happy to leave the shark fin but have not been able to find any real solution. I have seen the little square magnetic antenna that receives mixed reviews.
Has anyone found a way to get a robust solution mounted to the camper accessory rail? I’m in a 2018 Tacoma.

What are you using your antenna for? Are you not getting a GPS signal are you not receiving satellite radio?

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I haven’t put the camper on yet but a front runner rack was enough to block the signal on my Chevy. Are you getting a clear signal through your camper for satellite radio?

Clear signal for me after the camper install. Metal for sure blocks it, but I think there is so much honeycomb panel that it passes through ok.

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Thank you, I was wondering why I couldn’t find a solution, it’s obviously not a problem.

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If you have a paid subscription to satellite radio you can download the app and stream to your phone for free.

My sirius satellite radio works fine through my GFC. @Cooper I think you’ll be fine.


From my experiences, satellite radio antennas will receive a signal through composites.

2020 Tundra with Shark Fin. No issues at all.

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Mine worked pretty well with just the GFC above the Sirius antenna, but once I added a fixed solar panel it cuts out a lot more.

I’ve had no issues with my GPS or sat radio since my install over a year ago. I find it more depends on how big the obstruction is, like a bridge or mountain pass makes much more difference. I dont notice any interference when im in the open.