Rain Cover for GFC side tent door

I also posted this in the GFC owners facebook group.

There have been a few times where it’s absolutely pouring rain, but I can’t set up my truck’s rear awning, get out of the rain, and go up to the tent via the truck bed. So, here’s my GFC side door rain cover idea. It also helps add some ventilation when it’s raining AND hot.

Lots of photos of it on my website here.


Gzila awning poles and track nuts


Ebay store where I get the leaky, military thermarest pads for $9 each!


Sailrite stainless twist lock fasteners


I got the aluminum angle and rivet stuff from Home Depot.


Great job documenting this project. I don’t know if people realize how much work that is, but I sure appreciate it and always glean an idea or two.


You’re very welcome!

I’ve been avoiding awning poles because of the sides being open. The main reason I would want them would be to open up the space If I’m stuck inside avoiding rain. Otherwise, I’d just be hanging outside the truck, or it would be winter and I’d have the doors closed. This has definitely inspired me to take a shot at a tent mod I’ve been thinking of. Nice work!

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Thanks man! I will say it creates such a nice vibe being able to watch the rain while I’m inside reading or watching videos on my tablet. Definitely improves my mood during bad weather days.

It’s worth the effort to make something like this IMHO.

And I used the angle aluminum technique to run my Weboost antenna wire on the other side.

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