Rain gutter solution?

Has anyone come up with or found a way to create a rain gutter system to prevent water from running off the front of the camper directly onto the back door, and into the cab when door is open? This was brought up in the accessory request thread but wondering if someone had a mod to fix it? Thanks


Park on a hill maybe? :thinking:

I think this was from another forum…a GFC owner ordered some Trim-Lok Drip Rail - Black, PVC Plastic Rain Gutter for Cars, Vans, and RVs - Installs with Durable 3M Tape - 1/2" Height, 25’ Length. His Amazon link here:


I came across that as well. I may order some and try it out. Do you recall where you saw the other GFC owner post about using it? Thanks

Any follow up here? I worry about snow piling up and–without attention to clear it off–ripping off anything that is taped on. I know that it is apples and oranges, but this is what happened when I put a little rain diverter above my house’s entryway.

You laugh - but I do purposely park on an incline so the water runs off.


I initially read this in Tacoma world last fall. It was probably in the sub-forum about Hondo Garage’s new thing or GFC owners…I don’t recall.
Enjoy the weekend!

Found the post from TW [here].

Unfortunately, it was just a discussion on materials and not on application.

Been trying to figure out how to use something like that for a bit now and haven’t quite figured it out.

based on the lack of convo on this topic, i’m doubting GFC (or any owner) has put much thought into.

The drip bothers me but I just deal with it. I thought about the gutter solution but it would look too “unfinished” for my taste so I just have a small towel for a quick wipe down.

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I built platforms in my driveway out of 3/4” 4’x6’ stall mat from TSC cut into 2’x2’ sections. Raises the front by 2.25”. Looks pretty dumb.

Gives a decent slope to the rear though. Hopefully this helps it drain to the rear instead of onto the rear door.

That said, if someone comes up with a decent solution for a rain gutter, I’m in. @GZilaDesigns, new product perhaps?


So I tried numerous different types of plastic trim pieces and other ideas before landing here with this idea. I’ve been running it now for probably 3-4 months and have not had any water dripping down into the cab when the rear door is open. I know it doesn’t look great when compared to the nice machined aluminum of the GFC but it keeps water from dripping on my 1-year old in her car seat so I’ll keep running it for now.

I ordered a piece of aluminum from an online supplier and got mismatched length legs. I believe I did 3” on one side and 4” on the other. I also added a piece of adhevise trim to the part under the camper overhang because I found water would run off the back edge of the gutter if not. I drilled two holes at different heights to angle the gutter downward toward rear of truck and then used some plastic spacers to leave a small gap between camper extrusion and gutter for water to fall down in.


What a great ideas there. I’ll have to keep this in mind when I get my camper!

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That’s pretty clever.

Did this solve it? awfully bulky, but your onto something there.

Yes, I have found it to work to alleviate the excessive dripping into the cab of my truck. It is not as effective when parked on non-level ground but still works to a degree. I know it looks pretty bad but I think if you had access to CNC machine or laser to make the piece look more appealing that would be perfect.

This is a Real good idea!

Fun fact, elevating the front to run the water off the back on a RAM 1500 just fills the stupid lip on the tailgate with water and does a damn good job of locking the back panel when it freezes solid.

I do have to say I prefer a frozen tailgate to frozen back doors though… so still a win.


I’m a fan of the metal angle for the rain gutter. Works very well. In this pick you can see water dripping off the back.
Lowe’s sells a black brick lintel for $11 and it’s enough for both sides


Great idea! Does it whistle going down the highway?

Nope. I almost forgot I had added it later that night after some Hwy driving. It’s black and blends in pretty well.