RAM 1500 5.7 bed build dates

Does anyone have a build date V2 for a RAM 1500? with a 5.7 bed?

Hello Scott,
Yes, built has begun with an install date the first week in June for a Ram 1500.

Wanna sell your build spot? @Airranger84 LOL

Arrangers, what is your build number?

Thanks for the inquiry, but NO!!

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My build is in the 1400’s.

Ok, I have not heard anything and mine is build 1295.

If your Ram 1500 has a 5.7” cargo area, GFC is currently in the “scanning phase” for that model. What this means is that GFC is preparing their equipment to soon “release” the 5.7” Ram 1500 to production.
I highly suggest you contact GFC to confirm for clarification.

I did contact them and you are correct. They did say I would be the very first 1500 5.7 bed installed. But they could only say “soon”. Fingers crossed it will be real soon!

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My Order is in the 1300’s. They took the full payment and after 12 weeks I had not heard from them so I contacted them. They told me it would probably take another 6 weeks and I would be one of the first to be contacted. Is been 5 weeks, no word yet. If anyone on this board gets any word for this make and model we should give everyone else a heads up!

It has nothing to do with the make and model. It has to do with the size of the cargo area of the Ram 1500 you owe. GFC shared a list of models that they have released and it included those models to be released.
I posted an explanation several days ago in this very post. I hope it helps.

yes, I should of been more specific. 5’7 bed.

I hope you get good news very soon.

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UPDATE: I have my install date of July 16th for a 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie 5.7 bed. My build spot is 1295 YEA!!!

Excellent Scott!
Take pictures and share with us. Now go make some memories!

I plan on it and definately will.

I’m curious as to when you originally received the email regarding finalizing your options, paying your invoice, and a call to schedule your install. Unless I’m misreading your message from May 20 it seems like you hadn’t yet received that email at that time and now your install is scheduled for July 16.

I’m unit #1705, RAM 1500 5’7” and received the option/payment/scheduling email yesterday. In the email it referenced scheduling an install between July 22 and August 26. I found that surprisingly soon seeing as I haven’t finalized my options or made payment. I’m trying to gauge if that’s a realistic timeframe based on your experience or if it may be much much later.

I originally bought a spot in early December 2020. I then bought spot 1295 about a week later. Then in Early Jan I received my samples in the mail made my selection and was asked to pay in full with a planned build date in March. March rolled into May then June and ended up I got a call about July 16th. I hope this helps.

You definitely got caught up in the transition to V2 and further delayed based on how far down the line RAM 5’7” were for scanning/release.

Did you not receive the call for scheduling until after paying in full? It would be nice to have a general idea of when I’ll be able to pick it up before finalizing my payment.

No, I paid in full back in Jan. I got my call for my July 16th install about one and a half weeks ago.