Ram 1500 tailgate door leak

While I await a reply from support, I’m wondering if any other Ram truck owners have had problems with water leaking in between the seal between the rear door and tailgate? (I haven’t found other posts on this.)

On my 2015 Ram 1500 the design of the top of the tailgate basically makes it a water catchment area, which then drains under the seal and into the bed of the truck. I do have the tailgate sealed on the bottom and sides so I imagine that is stopping the water from just draining at the bottom of the gate and letting it flow across the bed. Kind of messes up my build out plans.

My old Unicover cap had a formed plastic piece that went over the tailgate (kind of like a roof overhang) to stop water from getting in. It seems GFC needs something like this on this weird tailgate design.

Mine always leaked a little bit on my V1. I didn’t care as i didn’t do any kind of build out, but wonder if you could do something somewhat independent of the GFC, like a piece of rubber trim or something glued to the tailgate itself that the GFC seal can close against?

Yeah, I’ll have to see if something like that would work, or see if Unicover sells that plastic cap and if it could be somehow attached to the GFC door without major modifications. The stuff I want to build will be removable, but would stay in there most of the time, so I definitely can’t have this much water seeping in.

I don’t know about 1500 but on the 2500/3500 Ram I think the 3rd and 4th gen tailgates are interchangeable (maybe?). Just see if you can test a 2500/3500 3rd gen tailgate as they don’t have the top spoiler and maybe it would work. Also early 4th gen Rams have a plastic spoiler that can be removed and you end up with the same thing.

Long shot… but maybe a cheap one from a wrecker and keep your current one in storage so it’s mint. It may also totally not work…

Interesting idea, but a bit more than I’d want to do. Plus I already too much junk stored in my garage. :wink:

It does have the plastic spoiler/guard on top of the tailgate. If there was just a flat plastic guard it probably would drain better and not pool up and drain inside.