Ram 1500 With Build 585 For Sale!

Selling my Ram 1500 with GFC Build 585:

  • Hinge replacement completed summer of 2021

  • Decked System installed with carpet.

  • Thule fishing rod holder on beef bars included.

  • Ironman awning with Room Attachment. Room never used. Was on backorder and just received.

  • Truck is 1500 Tradesman 4x4 with 75,000 miles. Very well maintained. New Heavy Duty brakes. Nitto Grapplers on Black 20" Ram Stock Wheels. Great condition. No troubles. Been across country twice in last two years and performed great.

  • Will inlcude Dave Skadden Dragonfly drift boat. Slides into back of truck nicely with bed extender also included. Modified boat with higher bass fishing seats and electric motor to maximize use in NJ / PA / NY reservoirs. Absolute bass killing machine.

Have loved my GFC setup but at my age it is time to go RV proper. Land Yacht style. I have used my GFC EVERYWHERE - from youth baseball / football games, to mobile bar setup for ski resorts, to penn state tailgates. The setup turns heads everywhere. Not 100% sold on parting with it, but probably the right thing to do considering my present needs. Based in Northern NJ.

Please respond for more details, pics, possible meetup, etc.


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The Dragonfly:

The Penn State Experience - - - - - #weare

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The Thule Rod Holder:

That’s awesome! I’ve got fun memories at Beaver Stadium as well. I was at Penn State 2005-2009.

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Bed extender included. Modified with roller for easy load / unload.

Another mobile ski lodge shot. Yakima rack with hitch extender so everything can open and you can climb into the lodge for lunch, brews and other shenanigans. Also have a full thule box that will be included in sale.

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Mobile Ski Lodge setup. Turn the panel sideways and seat 3. Can seat more if you really like each other…

Flagstaff AZ. Truck is a 2018 1500 Tradesman. 3.6 L motor. No Hemi. Good gas mileage.

Hi there, is this still available and if so, are you willing to separate? I have a 2017 Ram 1500, crew cab with a 5’7" bed. I am in central New Hampshire (and a PSU fan) grew up in Western PA. If available let me know!

Hello Joe. Appreciate the interest. My truck is quad cab, not crew. 6’ 4" bed. All that aside I will only sell the camper and truck together. Drift boat is a bonus throw in so would keep that if someone didn’t want it. Thanks again and good luck!! We are!!

No worries, and I see that it’s quad now…missed that. Best of luck! We are!