RAM brake light wiring

Pretty self explanatory but for anyone curious the red wire goes to red and black goes to either of the two blacks. On with brakes only.


Thanks man! Just saved me some YouTubing!

Sorry if this is a dumb question… but do they (GFC) not hook up/connect the camper break light, during installation?


They do not hook it up. I think it is nice to have the flexibility to run your wires how you want (if at all).

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Correct. They do not. Most likely for liability reasons.


Hey folks, there is a better way to do this on Ram.

You are looking for the purple CHMSL wire tucked back into the wire loom on the drivers side of the spare tire, by the cross member holding the tire up and the driver side frame rail. It gets +12v when the brakes are applied. connect the other wire direct to a frame ground, I used one on the outer frame rail beside the driver rear tire.

Hope that helps someone.


Curious why you feel it is better to connect to that wire vs the one right next to the plug?

Well, it’s exactly why that spare wire exists and it avoids any problems the tap may cause with the driver side brake light.


Awesome thanks for clarifying.

In Doing that will the ponytail supplied by GFC on the camper reach there? OR will an extension need to be added to reach there?


No, the GFC pigtail won’t reach. I wired mine before I picked up the camper, routed it the drivers side rear stake pocket and terminated it with Anderson Power Poles, so it was just plug and play when they put the camper on.

Nice, sounds like a more full proof way. Never thought about possible shorting out and messing up brake light. I’ll YouTube how to access this and run it to pole holder.

Can’t believe there is no easy ground spot on this truck

I had one on the outside of the drivers side frame right beside or maybe just behind the rear wheel.

I wired it to the bracket holding the brake line