Random Idea for Dog Ventilation

I am excitedly awaiting my installation next Saturday 5/8. I have been kicking around a lot of ideas for how to give my dog airflow during the summer. I have previously had a Leer Topper and when I have the side windows open during drives the temperature has been able to stay stable when compared to the outside. I know being parked is going to present its own problems.

With the GFC I am tempted to cut in a similar window to my Leer in the side panels to provide ventilation. Additionally I know that people have said that they would keep one corner of their side panels cracked however both of those ideas would void the GFC warranty, and I would like to avoid that if possible. This morning I had a brain wave and I am hoping to use the group think hive mind to workshop this solution.

Since most trucks these days have more of a bathtub bed design (I am a 3rd Gen Tacoma) and therefore there is space between the fender and the interior of the bed. I am thinking of installing a fan or two into the side of my bed that will pull air in and provide circulation. I realize that on dirt roads there would need to be some sort of easily accessible filter to prevent road dust from being sucked up and shot into the bed.

I am trying to still maintain full use of my bed, and with the fan(s) being mounted to the inner side I don’t see them being in the way and if i need to haul yard waste or anything I could have a cover that I place over it.

What other thoughts/ideas/considerations do folks have with workshopping this idea?



I’ve thought about the same idea. Have you done anything yet? I also thought about a window on the panel to connect into the cab for ac air flow.