Ranger short bed build

The shorter bed requires a 3" shorter fridge/outdoor kitchen cabinet, but the ARB Zero 47 fridge still fits and the upper drawer remains unchanged for size. The Lagun table mount needs to move to the side of the cabinet (rather than the back) and the rear cubbies get combined into a shallower single cubby for Lagun table storage. Still room for the hipster to stand up inside and perhaps more sitting head room with the RTT shifted more forward over the cab. 22 liter (6" PVC) pressurized water tank strapped to the camper frame remains unchanged. 24" deep storage/electrical bench remains unchanged but slightly longer due to the Ranger’s wider bed. www.4WD-Mod.com.

It occurred to us that the top of the cabinet makes for an ideal spot for a food prep cutting board to be located. Just lift it off and place on the tailgate when cooking. 3/4" bamboo with a tung oil finish and rubber feet at the corners to keep it in place on the cabinet. May need to be held down with a C-clamp if hard charging the whoops. :slight_smile:

In stored position:

In cooking position:

Was thinking about mounting the control panel on the face of the bench under the cushion, but then realized that is a very awkward place to mount anything that needs to be seen from inside the camper or accessed from the back of the truck. So I moved it to what we are calling the “control panel jetty”…basically a thin section of aluminum extrusion framing faced with 5/8" Baltic birch plywood that extends toward the rear of the bed. Makes it much easier to see the controls and access from the back of the bed…also can be used as a step-up to make it easier to get up into the tent.