Raptor Bed Rails And The GFC

Guys, I came across this video, and saw what happened to this guys truck from having a cover clamped down on his Gen2 Raptor. Has anyone had this concern with their Gen2/3 Raptor and the GFC camper? I’m starting to be concerned long term with it causing possible damage. I have a Gen3, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t make the bed any stronger.

Thanks for any help!

well he’s got a pretty heinous setup so IMO you shouldn’t be worried, unless you plan on cobbling together a bedside sammich like he managed to.

given the weight off his rtt coupled with the noodly nature of that rack, then appearing to be sandwiched between the tonneau and the bed, those tonneau cover mounts were holding on for dear life for a while,

best guess is it’s due to the triangulation of the frame and the fact that it distributes that weight across the whole lower bed rail tube, as opposed to his setup yanking his bed to death.

FWIW no issues on mine, albeit gen 1

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People put these GFC campers on Toyotas so I’m sure your Ford can handle it no problem


Well, the Toyota bed rails might actually be stronger, ha. I can’t believe I’m saying that.

With the Raptor GFC uses that under cling mount. So, I was concerned with long term, and the flexing of the top pulling on the rails.