Rattle anyone? I’m experiencing one

First trip was excellent. Ended up on some smooth dirt in J tree doing ~60mph. Second trip camped couple days and now I got a little rattle at the rear where the camper slides lock it down. Anyone else have this?

Check your spare and the chain that holds it in place.

I should have described it better. There’s some play in the top of the GFC on the passenger side near where the top locks in the down position. It’s definitely coming from the tent/top because I can replicate the sound with my hand on the tent top. Good idea though, those things get loose every now and then

Check your mounting positions of the camper to your truck and also make sure your carabiner attached to the bungee is not laying between the frame and mattress when closed. And if you have the beef rack may want to check to make sure everything secure and tight up there along with the front wind shield if you have one.

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Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m experiencing the same thing. Seems like the latches to close the tent are tight enough.

@nwinn sure did. In my case the alignment of the pivot point (open camper is a triangle shape…I’m talking about the apex of the triangle) was slightly off. GFC sent me instructions on realignment. Procedure is as follows: looking at the camper closed you’ll see one side ever so slightly misaligned. Get a rubber mallet (I used white rubber for non-marking) and tap the side of the pivot point to realign. Now I just carry that mallet in my tool bag. Had to do it every once in a while. I put a 1.5” foam topper cut to fit in the tent and now it never rattles. I’ve been doing a bunch of desert higher speed stuff recently so it’s used as designed. Problem fixed.

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