Rear Camera suggestions

Has anyone mounted a full-time, wide angle, rear view camera? I already have a back up camera in my 2019 Tacoma but what I’m looking for is a camera that will essentially replace my rear view mirror. My GFC is almost done and will have no windows. Has anyone found a camera/display they really like? A quick search on Amazon found this: but I was wondering what other solutions might be out there. Thanks.

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Once I have a rear hinge solution, I plan to work on this.

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Im using a MyGeckoGear Infiniview Light -

I used the machined 90 degree mounts from GFC and the angled hinge mount that came with the dashcam.

Look at the 2nd pic in this post for what that looks like:


@riz_atx Exactly what I’m looking for. Just found out today that my camper is ready (#850, just about 7 weeks ahead of schedule), so I’ll be off to Belgrade by the end of the month. Your photos are excellent, but once my camper is installed I may have a few more questions for you…


All good man! Ill be here :slight_smile:

@riz_atx I’m looking at your instagram pics and I’m trying to follow your wiring path. It looks like you are coming around to the passenger side, going up to the cab and then I’m not sure. One of them looks like you are dropping the wire down between the front of the GFC and the rear window but the next looks like you drilled some kind of hole to get the wires inside the cab.

But wait! There’s more!

  1. What’s the big fat thing I presume to be some sort of antenna?
  2. What are those clear plastic clips your are using to hold the wire called?
  3. Was the 25 foot length that came with the unit enough or did you by the 40 foot extension?