Rear Door Dust Flap Install

First time poster and new GFC owner, v2.

I am looking for information on how others have installed the GFC rear dust flap that slides along the bottom edge of the rear door.

I initially used an epoxy and that failed, looking for any good ideas that will hold the flap in place.


Had the same issue opening and closing the back lid my fingers would pull it off as there is no handle.

I started by mounting a Ram mount 1inch ball so that as I lift the lid I had something to hang on to rather than touching the latches and using them to pull on it seamed to be the smart thing over time the hinges are not designed for that. The Ball mount is multi-purpose.

I use a small amount of Sashco 13010 10.5oz Sashco Sealants Clear Lexel Adhesive Caulk link below has not failed in 3 months of winter.

I also added had an issue with water ice and mud in the gaps of the back and side lids in addition to the gap between the camper and the bed rail, easy fix for this was the addition of Trim-Lok the link below trimmed out all these areas that are now fully sealed. Trim-Lok Trim Seal with Top Bulb – Fits 1/8” Edge, 7/16” Bulb Seal Diameter, 25’

Hope this helps you with your modifications.


Trim Lok



Wow, Thanks for the detailed response. Very helpful.

Wow, so the bulb sealer wil keep the panels from freezing shut due to water freezing in those gaps?
If so, that is amazing, thank you for the beta.

It’s a perfect fit on mine V2 XL Camper only picked up 6 months ago.

I’m curious if you installed ram mounts on your side panels as well or just the back?

I put two in back to back .
Its part handle part cam mount inside and out .
What you see in the pics is the same on the other side.
Yes I drilled into my top.

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Sorry I misread your post no just the back for the Ram mounts

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I had mine installed at the factory year ago 2021 Toyota tundra no issues whatsoever with water intrusion to date.
I watched them do it they cleaned off my bed rails put the gasket on drop it down and seal it up tight.

I did do some modifications that are reflected in this link.

I’m a little confused I think because I haven’t seen the GFC up close.

When you say they cleaned your bed rails and installed a gasket, is that something they do for every install? Or was that something extra?
I’m just trying to figure out if I need to do something before they install the GFC to prevent water ingress.
I assume the bulb seal is an easy modification after installation?

I think I see what’s going on now. You responded in the topic that you were linking to my thread and I got confused.
Thanks for the info! :slightly_smiling_face:

I did the ram mount and trim lok when I got home from my install. Super easy to do and it’s a nice, solid point to open the rear hatch. :+1: