Rear door handle,Tailgate handle,Entry handle

This solves it all…


Makes it easy to pull tailgate up for those late night potty breaks…Easy to pull down back window.With no stress on corners…Handle make it easy to get into truck.Already had Toyota bumper step of course…Cost me about 10 bucks to do it all.Just an idea…Got sick of trying to lift up tailgate from inside…

Dude you can get a portable urinal bottle, like they use in the hospital with a nalgene screw top lid, and never leave your camper.


Skip the portable urinal and get a wide mouth Mt dew bottle :grin:. Just hope you don’t have more than a liter of capacity

…and make sure to leave room for expansion if the temperature will drop at night. A lesson learned from experience, not foresight :neutral_face:


A pack of wet wipes sits in my molle pouch that holds my urinal too haha

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Portipotty! Saves me having to leave the truck at night, and only used for urine, with RV toilet treatment fluid, does not smell either. Mine is tucked into the space made for it under my water tank cabinet.

Yeah nothing like packing your shit and piss with you inside where you sleep…Great idea…

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Roddy1, kinda guess you aren’t actually reading the above posts.

What I don’t like doing is going to a dispersed camping area which is otherwise great, except that the coyotes or other animals have dug up all the “buried” TP that looks like it was only buried about 8 inches deep. So that is scattered all around when I get there.

If I have to poop while dispersed camping, I get those camping pooping bags, put that down in the portapotty. Do my business, seal it up, double bag it, and no smell, and no trash scattered all over a week later.

As for having it with me, my Portapotty doesn’t smell other than the TST fluid that i put in the flush tank… My great grandpa wouldn’t use a toilet in the house because it was where he ate and slept. But pretty sure no one uses outhouses anymore unless they have to. And better not travel by bus, train, plane or ship if you don’t want to carry it with you…

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Whether you’re into digging a cathole, using a Porapotty, or the going from top rope, let’s keep the conversation light & friendly.

Appreciate it. :poop:


Agree.I was posting as easy way to get in and out of camper…Thanks GFC.