Rear Door size Tacoma

Hi gang! Not an owner yet as i am ironing out a bunch of details first. I was hoping to hear from both Topper owners and Camper owners regarding the dimensions of the rear door opening, measured from the bed. Namely the uppermost width and height of the opening.

I plan to store bikes on a slide, but with modern bikes being so tall with 29er forks and long travel , they are suoer hard to fit inside the toppers ive had in the past. I know the toppers are shorter than the campers, but i cant figure out by how much! Hoping the community can help.

Hey there. I have a V2 camper on top of a 22 Tacoma TRD Off Road. Essentially I have a little less than 39" height over a width of 39". It measures pretty close to 39" from the bed to the bottom of the rear door, but the raised ribs in the bed reduce the usable height to a little less than 39". I have a bed mat in too so I probably have closer to 38" of usable height: so I could fit a square box that was a max of 38"X39". Obviously if you can tilt something going in you can accommodate larger items. If you are shoving something in that is close to 38" high you’d have to be really careful in the center because the wiring for the camper brake light hangs down a bit. Overall usable width is reduced at the top because of the diagonal supports. It is 39" between the brackets for those diagonals for my Tacoma. There is a lot more usable width, but not for full height. Let me know if that doesn’t answer your question and I can take a picture and add some measurements.

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That is actually super helpful in determining fitment! Thanks!!