Rear Glass Protection

I have heard folks may have a small trouble with the rear window (if that’s something you ordered).
I was curious if anyone has placed steel metal screen on the outside or inside to help protect your belonging, incase someone decided to smash and dash.

Looking for folks that maybe using something like this metal screen

RSI makes a decent looking hexagon one for the smartcap. Seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult to do something similar.


If I were a person with a sketchy past when in my youth it would be easier to just grab the edge of a aluminum panel and yank hard to open the hatches than to deal with breaking the window. I wouldn’t stress about putting anything on the window.


With the way I pack if someone broke the glass and reached in, doubt they would be able to get much more than some firewood or a chair. I can’t really see someone climbing in through the window. Much easier to use long pry bar and open a panel. I tinted my rear window and it is really hard to see whats in the bed. A visual deterrent is best.


I hear ya.
I am looking to run a bizz with my cap and then be able to use it weekends for some fun.

Living in Bend Or cars are broken into daily, that being said in Va i dont see it as much.

Really just looking so that i know whatever i put in the back is safe.

Window tint, cage says there is stuff back here that you are worried about. Tint says you might be sleeping back there.


Ive got 35% tint on mine, plus i use a window shade that covers the whole window when im parked in the city. So far its worked here in socal, downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach are known for that sort of stuff. My stuff has stayed safe so far.


+1 for tint instead of a metal screen. I added a reflective tint on mine.