Rear or Side Entry?

I have a new Superlite and have not mounted it or used it. Based on our current setup, we are thinking about selling it. I purchased the ladder with it. I see there are brackets to mount to the base track in order to strap the ladder to the tent to keep it from falling over/down. These looked designed for a rear entry and ladder setup. Is this what everyone who has used their Superlite is doing? Side entry would work much better for us. Any problems or issues with side entry? Looking for some insight from those who have experience using their Superlite.

this prob will answer your questions, How to Mount a Ladder to your GFC Superlite - YouTube Side entry works great, a rear ladder that was permanently installed to your car (depending on what you drive) may make life easier though.

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I only use side entry on mine. Works great.

I set up the tent from the rear as I find that easiest, but the ladder has been set up on the side for entry once it’s up. Works well for us.


In this photo, what are you using to prop open the side flap like that? I believe the SuperLite installation Q&A video shows securing the side flap open using a guy line, but I don’t see a guy line in your photo. :thinking:

I’m using the universal Superlite Fly Blocks by FredRunner/@ccbelisle. ARB tent rods holding them out. They work great! He makes them for Prinsu, Sherpa and universal (those attach to the Superlite mounting rail).

Link here: Fly Blocks by Colin Belisle - Exposure


That video was definitively helpful. I didn’t realize you lean the top of the ladder on the tent itself. I was having a hard time imagining how to stabilize it. I guess depending on the width of your vehicle - you want to avoid leaning on the edge of your roof.

I mounted the GFC claw on the ladder and the attachment hardware to my Sherpa rack on the passenger side.