Rear Panel GFC Decal

Hey all, I hope everyone’s doing well!

I noticed something yesterday I can’t unsee now and I want to hear y’alls opinions on what to replace it with! My “Go Fast Campers” decal on my rear panel is kinda wonky. The F is a little messed up and the R in Campers is actually a P with a little nub added on after the fact. So I’m looking to replace the decal with something different. so far I have “Go Freaking Camping” as an idea but open to other ideas. Anyone else have ideas of what to replace it with?

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My letters look similar. I do like “Go Freaking Camping” though.

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I like Go Freaking Camping as well. While I don’t plan to replace the Go Fast Campers decal, here’s what I designed to put above the window on the passenger side. Having a friend print it for me when I get my camper.



Removed mine, just have the “GFC” on the sides. Can’t see it with a swingout and tire or hitch mounted bikes anyway.

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Is that actually how they deliver the campers/decals? That’s absurd.

I have a used GFC and the decals were removed, I like it that way.

I’m sure not every decal is like mine, decals don’t always come out right. I see this as a opportunity to make mine a little more different from the rest.

I removed mine as well. I debate almost everything, and didn’t dig the spelled out GFC across the back. Just personal opinion though.


I Love It they should make a custom decal option.

If you want, I could have my buddy print an extra, and send you one. There would likely be a cost. I have no idea what materials cost for these decals. Or, you could simply steal my design and find a way to get it printed. Your choice.


Appreciate it, but the wife has a vinyl cutter so we’ll make it in house. Also came to a decision on the text and I’ll stick it on once the rain stops here in ID.