Rear Panel Grab Handle

It seemed odd to me that the GFC has no handle on the rear panel. When I picked up my camper the GFC installer stressed to always open the panels with 2 hands to avoid stress on the hinge. Having had the camper for a while now I find this not very handy… often I want to use one hand to load or unload things into the truck so I made a very simple, lightweight solution.

I used one torn motorcycle ROK Strap half, 1 bolt, 2 washers and now the GFC has a grab handle in the center of the rear panel. I drilled the hole on the angle iron inside the rear panel so there is no need to drill through the rear panel itself.

I find this to work very well and suggest that GFC implement this into production. Very easy to DIY as well at a very minimal cost.


My rubber flap only goes one way. I have to open my tailgate to open the top part. Does this handle help to open it without having to open the tailgate?

This is pictured on a Chevy Colorado. Not sure about your specific truck.

When I got my GFC installed the installer told me to always open the top before the Tailgate so maybe there are some differences depending on pickup model and how GFC Seals for that model? Not sure.

It is a handle. It is easier to grab it with a handle than without a handle and it always puts the downward pressure when you close it right in the middle of the panel.

YMMV as they say…