Rear view mirror camera

Has anyone used the Gentex GENFDM3LN mirror? Been thinking of trying it and making a weatherproof housing for the camera to go on the rear rails of the camper. Looking for any tips/tricks from any owners of this before I start. I’ll definitely report back once I get things going.

I’ve considered it. But, I bought a cable that hacked the backup camera on my Tacoma so all I have to do is push a button to turn on the backup camera.

The steep price tag of the ‘mirror cameras’ has made me decide that just using the backup camera anytime is good enough. :slight_smile:

Mind sharing details on said cable? I’m interested.

Can’t answer for Slowboater, but I got kits from for both my tacoma and my wife’s 4runner. Pretty easy install.

Ordering! Looks great. Even comes with a front facing camera. Thanks!

This isn’t the one I used. I have a 2016 so these weren’t available yet. I used a ‘Hai cable’ - he was one of the first guys to do the hack.

Interesting, wonder if it’s easy enough to put in my colorado zr2. Although the rear camera can be activated via the infotainment system the appeal of the rearview mirror is it being always on and not really messing with other stuff.

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Your comment is exactly why I considered the mirror. Sometimes it’s a bit distracting to scramble for the button. But, it’s also 600 bucks cheaper.

I would guess that there’s some crazy forum of Colorado owners out there who could give you some info. If they’re a douce baggy as the folks over at TW you won’t be spending much time there. :slight_smile:

Theres pretty cheap options on amazon I believe for rear view mirror cameras. Also for the price of the first link you can get a whole double din radio + a back up camera for cheaper than that.

Heh coloradofans and zr2zone are indeed interesting places just like TW. I’ll figure something out thanks for all the info all!