Rear Window - Defroster and/or Wiper

Has anyone added rear window defrost capability? or a rear window wiper?

For 6+ months my rear window is either too frozen and frosted to see out of or too splattered with snowy-muddy road grime to see out of. Would love to get that visibility back.

Really appreciate any recommendations! Thanks!

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That’s a neat idea. I’ll be following this for ideas.

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This is a struggle I have as well.
I started using vinegar and water solution on the rear window, liberally. This keeps frost from forming.
Not a forever solution, but keeps my rear view visible, for now.

I too will be keeping an eye here, would love to see what you come up with.

A utv wiper kit might just do the job… MotoAlliance EVOLUTION 12" UTV Wiper Kit - Hard Coated, Polycarbonate Windshield

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Thank you Scott. Looks like a good solution when conditions are warmish and wet.