Rear window seal?

Hey all has anyone seen this? My rear window seal seems to be shrinking and now there is a gap. It used to be flush a year and a half ago when I picked it up. I have not seen this on any other campers. Worried that it will compromise my rear window.
I reached out to support about this and the fact that my rear panel tailgate seal sweep was falling off and all I got back was…
“You can purchase a new tailgate seal on our [website] Please let me know if you need anything else.”

you can get a crap ton amazon or fleabay for dirt cheap

More concerned about the window seal is that what you mean?

I’d be interested to know what causes this. Is the seal literally shrinking? What’s actually going on here? Is this caused by something preventable? Should something have been done by you (or other owners alike) to prevent this?
Like what’s up here???
C’mon GFC, don’t just be crass here. Let @hardkorps know what’s happening.



Just got a phone call from Calder at GFC. He apologized for the service response which was nice. Thanks man! He said that these seals do shrink over time, some more than others. Especially if stored outside which mine was for the majority of its life. The solution is to fill the gap with black silicone. Which I will try out and report back on. Seems like an easy solution. But he assured me that the window is not compromised and the rest of the seal will continue to do it’s job.


Cool. Glad GFC got back to you and glad it’s a simple fix. GFC customer service is top notch.


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I experienced similar separation in cold temps and at altitude, but when I returned home to lower elevation and a warmer climate it snugged back up. Thanks for posting and sharing the response. I was also curious.

Good to know I live at 8500ft so that may have something to do with the size of the gap. I however do not make it down to much lower elevations for long periods of time so I’ll try filling it with silicone.

My seal had shrunk too (GFC installed my #575 in May 2020). When I got new hinges in Sep 2021, they covered over my janky clear sealing goo with some black silicone, like they suggested. Looks good now!
I appreciate all GFC does for us owners.
I don’t think there was any preventative maintenance that would have prevented it from shrinking in colder weather.

Yoo mine had same issue when I picked it up but didn’t say anything, i was so stoked to finally get the thing …. Thanks for idea for the fix fellas…

Yes I think GFC has been really great overall in addressing these issues. Good to here that these solutions are working. I still haven’t had time to fix mine yet but hopefully soon

Thought i’d share, my rear window seal is leaking through to the inside causing some pretty good leaks into the truck bed in a couple places. This is just in light rain. Just sent a service request and will follow up, sounds like black silicone might be the fix.

I filled mine in with black silicone finally it has been doing the job all summer in heavy MT rains. I can post pics later but it was straight forward and easy. My seal shrunk done about an inch so it should eat up your gap easily

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I live at 8500’ so when I pick mine up in 16 days I will definitely be keeping on eye on this!