Rear window tint?

Does anyone have the rear window of the GFC tinted? If so, what % did you go with?

I’m mainly looking for something to keep people from seeing what’s inside. But I would still like to be able to see outside somewhat while I’m inside of the camper. I’m trying to decide between 5% or limo.

Went with 5% on rear. I like that people can’t be peeking into the camper easily. If you value looking through rear view mirror while driving at night maybe go slightly less. For me, i usually have so much crap in the camper it doesn’t matter🤣

Yeah same, loss of view out of the rear window isn’t much of a concern lol

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Awaiting my camper build but I’m thinking the same thing. I heard some ceramic window tints are kind of one way (hard to see in, but almost clear seeing out).
I was also thinking of making a window cover out of a black sheer material. You can look out just fine, but if someone is peaking in, just black.
In the end I might sew up a regular cover for it.
I would like to see/hear more if anyone has done this already.

I put a reflective tint on mine last fall.

I did this at 30%. You can’t really see in unless you put your face up to it and shade it with your eyes.

Can you see through that at night from within the cab? I like seeing the headlights behind me if possible

Yes, it’s a very light tint (lighter than the rear window on the cab of the truck).

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Yup, 30% is pretty close to what a lot of vehicles come with on the rear windows from the factory. Most states the legal limit is around 35% for the front windows. When it’s already dark inside (e.g. when the doors are closed) 30-35% does a pretty good job. I’ve got 20% on my truck windows now and even that is still plenty easy to see out of at night. 5-10% is where it starts getting really hard. My fiancé has 5% all around on her Jeep, which is great for privacy, but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had cars “sneak” up behind me at night and it’s not until they’re right behind me that their headlights catch my attention. I also can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to roll down the window to see out the side to locate a corner at night while driving out here in the country. :joy: I don’t know if mirrored tint is legal in your state, but it would give you the best security while maintaining the lightest level of actual tinting, so you can still see out.

35% ceramic all around for me, it really helps with keeping heat down.

:100: Agree. I went with the Xpel Prime XR Plus on this truck after reading about the heat blocking benefits and it’s the first time I’ve had ceramic tint on anything. I did 20% on all the side windows & rear, with 55% on the windshield. It’s been an amazing difference from my previous vehicles. I’ve always had tinted windows, but this is the first time it doesn’t feel like sitting in a greenhouse. :joy:

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Where did you find your ceramic tint?

I don’t have double windows on my GFC but the rear window is limo tinted (matches the truck windows). I also have a CBI bumper with a spare tire so it limits the ability for someone to get up close and peer inside. Even with no lighting on the inside of the camper, it’s very difficult to see what’s inside during the brightest of days, let alone during darkness. As far as being able to see out from within the camper, it’s not difficult. I like my privacy.

My local tint shop has 3M ceramic tint, so it was an easy sale for him, i paid $100 for the rear window to be tinted 35%.
Then another $200 to do my rear windows of my taco, and my windshield.

A good option that would be more effective than tint would be to use perforated 3M Vinyl. 50% heat and light transmission, and its nearly impossible to see through from the outside. I used it to wrap all of my camper windows awhile back and my buddy who owns a graphics shop uses its quite a bit for windows (automotive and retail spaces.

“Limo” tint (%?). Very dark and hard to see in the GFC, but I can see out OK with my rear view mirror.

If you’re in the Salt Lake area, I can recommend DC Customs for the work. They did the tint on my truck and I have zero complaints about the quality of work. They sell XPEL brand there and I had them do the Prime XR Plus (20% all around with 55% on the windshield). The improvement with solar radiation through the windows has been awesome.