Rear windows sizes?

We’re there ever any standard campers built with oversized rear windows…… saw a Chevy Colorado with a GFC in Steamboat Springs yesterday and as it passed by, the rear window seemed much larger than the one on my Toyota Tacoma…… I do recall seeing one other one with what seemed to be a larger rear window

We’re any built this way? Perhaps when there was a shortage of a certain size?

Either that or I’m losing my mind!

GFC guys can confirm, but I believe you are correct. I checked with them about window sizes months ago and they mentioned the standard size camper for one of the models is different than the rest. I can’t remember if it was the Colorado, but makes sense now that you mention it.

Did a little search on this forum and found a GFC on a Colorado and holy moly, the window is gigarmous compared to the one on my Tacoma…. This confirms what I saw!



Yeah wow look how close to the brake light it gets.

Here’s a picture of the rear of my Tacoma for comparison…… I have to admit, I kinda like the larger size

For better view out the back while you’re driving? I don’t know what your view is like, but at least a little larger couldn’t hurt.

@OverlandKyle I’m actually looking for some measurements of the rear window and panel for the Tacoma, Colorado, and Gladiator. Seeing how your post is about the rear window, is it ok if I post a diagram here to see if anyone could help with measurements?

Absolutely! Go ahead and post…… I can help with the measurements for the Tacoma if you need it

Great, thank you! Here is the diagram. If anyone can use it to help with their own projects, please do. The measurements I’m looking for are the inside of the panel/window while it’s closed.

Had no idea my ZR2’s window was so big compared to the Tacoma :joy: maybe that’s why my window seal leaks…lol

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Leaks on my Tacoma! I’d take a larger window any day.


Dang that looks tiny!

Fortunately, the Canyon V2 GFC fits a 1st Gen Tacoma perfectly and I’m glad I have the larger window!

No window gang here. Didn’t want the another point of entry into the canopy for thieves.

Yes you can tint it but doesn’t stop people from smashing them in. Saw too many occurrences happen like that at trailheads and more.