Recent problems with V2 platform

Anyone having problems with quality of the camper or panels. I am thinking about ordering one, but I keep reading about issues.

I think many camper owners here would attest that if/when an issue arises, GFC addresses the issue and scales a solution to all users known to be effected by the issue.

I personally had an interior lock that was not machined correctly. GFC sent a replacement lock at no cost, and asked the original lock sent back to them for them to understand what caused the failure to prevent it from happening again.

As far as panels, that is really an issue that was addressed on the “V1” camper. Not only did GFC change the panel hinge design, they drove out to all existing campers and upgraded their hinge. The current “V2” has a completely different design that does not have issues.

Another example would be water intrusion… Some V2 owners were having water seeping in their camper. GFC engineered a solution, updated the current platform, and made a kit to send to GFC owners experiencing the issue to remedy the intrusion.

Long story short. If your concern is on quality, GFC has a record of standing behind their product and addressing issues. There have been short comings, but I am yet to hear of an owner not having it addressed (for free) by GFC.

Order and enjoy! It’s a great product.


Sweet! Thanks for the info!

Keep in mind that you generally hear from a minority of people with issues, not from the majority of people without issues. Most of us don’t post just to say “everything is great, no issues!”.


True that! I was just wondering. I am getting one pretty soon.
Thanks for the feedback.

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I was exactly the same way. Finding every little detail before I purchased. Would find posts with issues and then I would find how GFC went above and beyond to get the customers happy. I finally just placed my order and I couldn’t be happier. Such an amazing camper!

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I’d like to add another POV here. I’m one of the unlucky folks with water intrusion issues. Per GFC my camper has all the weatherization updates. I live in Oregon where rainy season is more than half the year. The issue with my camper was not just a few drops, it was quite a lot of water getting into a closed camper parked in my driveway.

I have opened a service request and GFC has been good about supporting and working with me to try and resolve the issue. We’re working together and trying to find the source of the leak and fix it. I want to be super stoked about the camper but to be honest I picked it up in February and my main experience so far has been working to try and fix the water intrusion. I’m looking forward to Spring & Summer so I can actually use the camper and get some positive association with it.

Just keep in mind that if you have an issue GFC will be great about customer support, however, unless you can drive it to Bozeman it will be up to you to do the work to remedy whatever needs fixing.

I’m not here to tear down GFC, just being honest about my own experience to date.


I haven’t had any problems and I still haven’t installed my weatherizing kit. I’m sure the individual use and factors like climate and precipitation play a part.

I’m in the same boat as roger. Fixing the leak according to GFCs instructions. I picked mine up mid January this year. They have been responsive to my emails helpful. Hopefully the fix works. The customer service is great. Plus I love the camper.