Recommended jeep gladiator lift with GFC and overlanding gear?

What 2 - 3.5 inch lift are others happy with on a jeep gladiator that can handle the weight of the GFC camper including other heavy overlanding gear and is good on and offroad? Not too harsh on washboard roads and can handle moderate rock crawling trails? Mopar 2? AEV dual sport? Something else? I’ll be doing 35 inch tires and possibly 37s in the future. Thanks.

I run a Clayton 2.5 with Icon multi rate rear springs. It’s great. I think any complete kit would work fine, just go with a nicer shock and your ride will be better. The Icon rear spring really helped with the weight of the gfc and all my gear.


Fox 3.0. you want the bigger shocks and resi for those high speed washboards.

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I have… Clayton 3.5 with HD rear springs and Falcon Shocks. i don’t have any complain.


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We have MetalCloak Game Changer suspension and Fox shocks. Handles everything great. (On 35s)

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