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I used the search function before making this topic and wasn’t able to find any clear answers to my question. Adding the weight of a GFC to the bed of my Tacoma, I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations or advice as to what suspension would be ideal for said GFC. I have a 2021 Tacoma sr5 if that helps. Thanks for any guidance and or feedback anyone is able to provide.

The GFC doesn’t weigh much. You can install it on your stock suspension and then adjust it, depending on your suspension needs. Hardcore overlanders will recommend something you might not even need. If you notice some droop, you can simply do an add a leaf to your existing setup. Are you located in Cali? You can call stellar built ( Those guys will guide you through every step depending on your needs. Great lads! :+1:

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Agreed with LeSmurf. The GFC itself weighs ~275 pounds on a Tacoma. The issue would be more about the other stuff you possibly add to the bed of the truck.


I think that’s the concern. I’m just curious as to what route people have gone to ensure their ride is smooth while adding the GFC and more weight that goes inside of the GFC.

I had found that my stock suspension (2016 TRD DCSB) was already sagging with very little weight in the bed before the GFC. Decided to go with Icon RXT springs at Option 3 paired with Fox 2.0s in the read and 2.5s in the front. I have since added a Decked system and so far really loving the ride with the new suspension.

Agree with @LeSmurf, lots of options depending on use, constant weight in bed, etc.


In that case, I use ironman 4x4 leaf springs medium load and dobinson struts/springs. I don’t run aftermarket bumpers or swingouts and I don’t load the rear with anything super heavy, just a cooler, fridge and portable firepit being the heaviest items. This is the prefect setup for me. Some buddies went all out and got kings with deavers, so there is that route if money is no option :sweat_smile:

I have a 2nd Gen Tacoma but they all have crappy leaf packs so I’d replace it before adding an AAL, airbags, or sumosprings/timbrens.

I went with the heavy duty OME Dakar leaf springs about 60k miles ago and pulled the 3rd leaf. As I added weight it was bottoming often offroad when loaded so I added the 3rd leaf back to the pack and installed some superbump bump stops which are way more progressive than the stock hockey pucks so bottoming out isn’t as harsh. This setup paired with a shock that has more fluid to resist fade/overheating when moving at some speed on washboard has been a good setup for me.

I have bilstein 5100 and the OME Dakar HD leaf in the rearend. GFC plus decked drawer system. I also tow a willie drift boat.

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I went with a set of add a leafs and some adjustable air bags. This way when I tow or haul lots of weight I can just increase the pressure but also when I am with my normal load I have good flex and ride

Sumosprings, black.

I don’t do overlanding so this was perfect to handle an extra approx. 400lbs of persistent weight (camper + accessories). Without it, the stock Tacoma TRD springs were sagging more and more each month. Brought height and ride feel back to near original.

Before adding the GFC and all my extra weight I had Deaver stage 2 with Bilstein 5160’s. I am currently around 6k total with drawers, etc. and the Deavers are doing very well. Pretty happy with Deaver, call them and discuss.

Just returned from a trip over the Washington BDR, one of the guys had to leave early because his 3rd Gen Tacoma with 2-month-old Icon RXT stage 2 springs flattened out. One axle running on bump stop, other side 1" of travel left.

I leveled my truck before the gfc install. Now, i have a slight drop in the rear that causes a whistle from a drain above the cab that’s part of the gfc. I just ordered the peak performance add a leaf for under 200 bucks. Ill update after the install

Thank you to all who replied. Every bit of feedback has helped me come to a decision. The sagging is worrisome to me. Living in a desert climate, enjoying the rocky terrain would only put more wear on my truck without the aid of a solid trustworthy suspension. So I’ve decided to pull the trigger and have an icon suspension installed. I’ll post photos once everything is finished.

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Howdy Lifeaquatic.
I put an Old Man Emu set of springs on my with 600# rating…it did the trick! Between the Fox shocks (no reservoir needed for my use) and these springs, I stay about +1" on the back with all my gear in the back…2020 Taco with 6’ bed. Hope this helps…

Went with the icon stage 4 suspension. GFC should be here soon.

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I said go big! Heavy duty Leaf pack new shocks cab mount Shop, cut the fenders, new shocks, regear 35s!

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Haha. My wheels are good. Next step is sliders and so on. But I’m beyond excited for my GFC

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