REI Tailgate shade/rain canopy - seems like it was made for the GFC!

I shared this in the GFC Facebook group, but know some of ya ain’t on the Socials…

Alright, so a couple of weeks ago, I asked on here if anyone had tried one of these REI Trailgate Vehicle shelters, and there were some similar ones, but not an exact one, so I figured with REI’s great return policy, and it priced at $74 on sale, I’d try one out, and here’s what I discovered -

Disclaimer- I only set it up to try it out, in perfect weather, when I didn’t really need it, so I can’t vouch for how it would perform in rain, yet.

But dang, it seems like these were made for the XL GFC, the way it attaches is almost perfect, and it doesn’t interfere with the tailgate door, either in the open or closed position - I am a fan, seems great for a shade shelter, and I’d assume it would repel some rain- not great in high winds, I would guess, but check out the photos - it also doesn’t interfere with the side doors, which is great! You can also set it with poles, as a free-standing shelter, if you want to leave camp with your truck. (I haven’t tried that yet, but will, soon).

Since they are 50% off, my guess is they will soon be discontinued, but who knows?…/rei-co-op-trailgate-vehicle-shelter


That looks like if it was tangerine, it could be a GFC product!


that’s slick I just ordered the MoonFab Moonshade/Moonwall Short

I think you’ll like the moon shade. I have one it fits perfectly just above the back lid and is high enough to stand under comfortably, minimal effort to set up about five minutes equally easy to take down.
Not a fan of any of the permanent self deploying awnings offered by a manufacture. They’re incredibly expensive permanently on the side of the shell and I don’t like hugging so close to my vehicle to get shade. Some of them do have sidewalls. They’re very unstable in Highwinds my solution for that is an REI Basecamp tent, which is a full enclosure which acts as complete protection and extends at the same height directly behind the moon shade, unexpected bad weather situations.

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Can you please provide link for this thanks? And any pictures you can provide showing your setup?

Scroll up, my dude. Link and pics are in the first post.

Thanks. I was referring to TPSJ’s setup.

I don’t have a picture of my set up. I guess that’s kind of lame next time I’m out and it’s all set up. I’ll get one posted. Apologies.

Great setup! I ordered one after you suggestion.

Where can I get the black rubber pieces that you have in the tbar?

Hey Chris. Those look the like alien hooks from @Rancho.


This is cool. Theres an rei next to my house… brb

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Lumbering Bear also has a “Booger hook” and a “Devil’s tongue hook” if you want to dispense with the biner. That way the loops on the end of the vehicle shelter would go straight to the hook in the t-track.