Relentless Fab Tailgate Reinforcement Compatability


Excited to have to have just put in my order for my camper.

I was wondering if I will have issues when I got to my install date with my tailgate reinforcement instead of the stock tailgate.

Would love to hear some insight, or if I should go find a stock tailgate for install day.

Only issue I could see you having with the tailgate reinforcement is that it will sit lower than stock preventing the rear door seal on the GFC to not have enough contact for a proper seal. If that’s the case, you can easily replace it with the stock one or add more seal to the top of the tailgate. Either way, you can leave it and see what the result is as nothing will be mounted to it.

I have the relentless tailgate panel and a V1 and it is fine…this is the best pic I have at the moment but can take others if you’d like.

Right on thanks so much!

I just didn’t want to find out it interferes with the topper when I’m sitting in bozeman!